The Unicorn

Headwear: Katie Burley
Dress: Kaytee Papusza
Photographer: Gideon Roh
Model/Makeup/Styling/Editing: Magdalene Veen

13.Apr.14 5 days ago

i was in a PIP thumbnail on SWEATSHOP last night but it was so tiny you couldnt see my outfit at all.  so here!

I was gogo last night in SF and made shitty tips the whole time until I was literally walking out the door. a guy stopped me politely, handed me this hundo, and said: “you’re such a wonderful dancer.”

30.Mar.14 2 weeks ago

makeup is incredible

28.Jan.14 2 months ago


more like elf QUEEN.

get it??? ahahha

24.Nov.13 4 months ago
23.Nov.13 4 months ago

backstage pictures at “UNDERTOW”, aka “the jellyfish queen" photoshoot, starring me as some sort of abominable sea witch (uh typecasting much), conceived by and shot by Ransom & Mitchell, with wardrobe by  Black Lotus, hair by Jaymz Marez and makeup by Melanie Manson

i stole these photos from all their instagram accounts, which can be found tagged here

22.Nov.13 4 months ago