Magdalene Veen

model / 5'6" / fashion & fine art

oakland, ca

seeking new agency representation


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Photographer: Brian Woodwick - Woodwick Photo Services
Model: Magdalene Veen

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Ransom & Mitchell

Photographer: Jason Mitchell
Sets: Stacey Ransom
Makeup: Mélanie Manson
Wardrobe: Christina Molcillo / Black Lotus
Hair: Jaymz Marez
Model: Magdalene Veen

Currently on display at APASF Curators Voice Exhibition - Approaching the Unreal

Opening – September 4th, showing until September 27

Modernbook Gallery
49 Geary Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108


well now we all know what i would look like with juvaderm. feat: my winged incisors, which i just found out are also shoveled. ~GENETIC MYSTERIES~


im eliza and this is jackass

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Veen Diagram


What’s Veen Diagram?
Hello!  My name is Magdalene Veen, aka Eliza Gauger.  The former is my modeling and performance pseudonym, but you may know me by one or both names.  This is a blog I’ve been meaning to open for a while, dedicated solely to answering the most common type of question I get from Tumblr asks: questions about my hair, makeup, skincare, and clothes.

Why are you opening yet another beauty blog?
Beauty blogging has been pretty well covered by any number of other people and I figured this sort of curation would be a waste of time, but the tumblr asks keep coming, and I’d rather keep them from flooding my main blog.  

What’s the format?
Here I will post the aforementioned answers to follower questions, as well as tutorials and tips.  The format will be as brief, targeted, accessible and helpful as possible.  I will focus more on short, data-packed posts, including product reviews, and less on sprawling multi-stage tutorials.  Because honestly, who has the time?

Who should follow this blog?
Due to my own coloration and skin type, this information will be most useful to people with similar coloration and skin type.  I am mostly caucasian, very pale, with yellow undertones, sensitive, dry, allergy-prone skin which gets oily and sebum-plugged easily, small pores, hooded eyelids, small, close-set eyes, a large forehead and highly-textured hair (between a 3b and a 3c) which has been bleached to death, and toned white/grey.  If any of these things applies to you, I may have helpful information for you here!  If not, you will almost certainly be able to adapt these posts to your own sitch!  But there are huge gaps in my knowledge of hair and makeup that is unlike my own, and that’s just the way it is.

Thanks for following, and please let me know if you have any questions!

The Unicorn

Headwear: Katie Burley
Dress: Kaytee Papusza
Photographer: Gideon Roh
Model/Makeup/Styling/Editing: Magdalene Veen

i was in a PIP thumbnail on SWEATSHOP last night but it was so tiny you couldnt see my outfit at all.  so here!

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